About uLesson

uLesson leverages best in class teachers, media, and technology solutions to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education for life long learners. We have built a platform that helps students be the very best they can be – an app that allows them to maximize their academic achievement and prepare for a future in various disciplines and subjects. Our team of passionate and talented people have together built a learning experience unprecedented in richness, scope, interactivity and effectiveness.

What Makes uLesson Different?

Personalised Learning

We create personalised learning experiences for learners in Primary and Secondary School to encourage their deep & continued learning, content engagement and monitor their own path to academic excellence.

Relevant Content

Our service is built to specifically serve students’ needs across the board. We seek to engage our learners in a manner that is culturally relevant, and responds to the syllabi in their respective countries. The learning content from the app is planned, executed and reviewed by subject matter experts – using videos, interactive animations, quizzes and assessments.

Depth of Content

uLesson offers students in Primary and Secondary School a holistic learning experience; in Mathematics, English Language, Business, The Sciences, and Technology.
Adaptation of the leaf for photosynthesis

Why Choose Us?

Learning is a crucial part of a child’s quest for academic excellence and success in life. The kind of universities and other tertiary institutions that they get into and, to some degree, the future that awaits them beyond their school years is largely determined by the learning opportunities and platforms available to them in their junior and secondary academic years.

On our platform, we are revolutionising the way students learn and study for their exams in preparation for higher education and what comes after. We encourage them to embrace the learning evolution that comes with the current digital age. Parents or guardians should thus be willing to invest in this approach to help their children get ahead in school.

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Learning with Technology

The digital age is quickly shaping education and the way students choose to learn and retain knowledge. We at uLesson have embraced this digital transformation and believe that our new learning resources can guarantee a bright education system in Africa.

Leveraging technology, we will continue to develop our product(s) to focus on engaging content and quizzes, fun and effective learning process to foster a deep understanding of the content.