uLesson Frequently Asked Questions

What is uLesson?

uLesson is an education technology firm whose mission is to deliver high-quality, affordable, and accessible education to all Africans.

Our app hosts thousands of round-the-clock entertaining, engaging, and in-depth educational video lessons delivered by expert tutors. Other features include:

  • Live Lessons.
  • Homework Help.
  • In-depth Live Classes.
  • Instant Homework Help.
  • Helpful Learning Advisors.
  • Periodic Mock Exams.
  • Thousands of Practice Tests Quizzes.
  • Multiplayer Quizzes.
  • Weekly Parent Report.

Our lessons are delivered in pre-recorded (asynchronous) video formats, giving learners an experience that is unprecedented in its richness and interactivity. Our product aims at delivering better learning outcomes and improving the academic performance of learners across Africa and the globe.

How do I sign up?

You can download the ‘uLesson’ app for free on uLesson to register an account. As a free user, you only get access to a limited number of pre-recorded and live video lessons and can only ask our tutors a limited number of homework questions. However, if you would like unlimited access to our entire content library, click on the ‘Menu’ option at the top right-hand corner of the app, denoted as with this symbol 三. Find and select the ‘Subscribe Now’, then follow the instructions until you get to the page asking you to ‘Choose a Payment Method’. Follow payment instructions based on the option you chose i.e. bank deposit or credit/debit card.
Once your payment has been received and processed, we will convert your account to premium and you can begin enjoying all our content.


I am not writing any WAEC, JAMB, NECO, BECE, or any regional or national exams. Is uLesson still suitable for me?

Absolutely! While uLesson’s vast library of national and regional past question papers and solutions makes it an ideal product in helping to prepare a learner for critical exams, our service is much more than a test-preparation tool. Our thousands of curriculum-relevant video tutorials and live lessons are designed to provide learners with a better and richer learning experience by personalising the way they learn and making the process fun and enriching.


Does uLesson require payment?

Yes. uLesson requires payment in the form of a subscription after downloading the App.

How much is a uLesson subscription?

The price of a uLesson subscription depends on the package you choose.

Users have the option to subscribe to either a Junior Secondary/High School library, a Senior Secondary/High School library, or a Primary School library. With either of these subscriptions, paid users will have access to all the suite of offerings available to users in their class and library group.

The prices of these libraries are as follows:

Quarterly subscription (valid for 90 days):

20,000 Naira (for customers resident in Nigeria only)

225 cedis (for customers in Ghana only)

6 Months  Subscription Plan valid for 180 days:

Sierra Leone: Le 650, 000

Kenya: KSh 6,500   
South Africa: R 900
Uganda: USh 130, 000
United Kingdom: £45
United States of America (Also for Users outside Nigeria, Ghana, and the above mentioned countries): $60
Annual subscription (valid for 360 days):

50,000 naira (for customers in Nigeria only)

525 cedis (for customers in Ghana only)

Sierra Leone: Le 960,000
Kenya: KSh 11,135   
South Africa: R 1,495
Uganda: USh 300,000
United Kingdom: £78
United States of America (Also for Users outside Nigeria, Ghana, and the above mentioned countries): $90
Click to learn more & purchase a uLesson’s subscription
Click to learn more & purchase an Education Tablet

Is uLesson available in Uganda, South Africa, or other Countries?

uLesson is available in Uganda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia, Kenya, Rwanda, the US, the UK, and other countries worldwide. 

Click to download the uLesson App to register an account for free.

Can I use the uLesson app on my laptop?

uLesson  is also available for users on  Laptop or windows

What are the advantages of uLesson Education Tab 2

With the uLesson Education Tab 2:

  • You can access thousands of video lessons without internet connection.
  • You have Library Lifetime Access. Learn more…
  • You get a stronger tab screen.
  • You enjoy larger memory and faster tab navigation speed.

What subject does uLesson offer?

uLesson offers a variety of topics/subjects for learners in Primary, Junior, and Senior Secondary Schools. These subjects are Mathematics, Science, English Language, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Literature-in-English, Government, and Financial Accounting.

uLesson also prepares students for WASSCE, JAMB, NECO, and GCE exams.

What is the uLesson Buy Now, Pay Later option?

The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) option allows you to buy the uLesson Education Tablet and pay in installments within a maximum period of 3 months. Learn more…

How to subscribe to the uLesson App?

Follow the steps below to subscribe to the uLesson App

  • Click  and download the uLesson App
  • Launch the uLesson App
  • Click on the button at the top left-hand corner of the home page.
  • Click on subscribe now.
  • Click on continue.
  • Choose a subscription plan
  • You can pay with the following: 
  • Naira card
  • Flutterwave with your card or USSD
  • Via Bank transfer
  • Pay with a Scratch card or Call a learning advisor at +234 7000 222 333

Is uLesson available in Ghana?

Yes. uLesson is also available in Ghana. You can visit uLesson Ghana at ulesson.com.gh

The uLesson learning tab is available for purchase in Ghana.

Contact uLesson Ghana via call, +233 59692 1140

What are the benefits of using uLesson?

There are many benefits to using uLesson, key among these are:

Access to thousands of high-quality, curriculum-relevant video tutorials, which are further enhanced by the use of digital animation and illustration to help a learner grasp critical – and sometimes complex – concepts;

Access to live lessons where students can engage in real-time with students and teachers;

The ability of a learner to learn at his/her own pace using the pre-recorded library;

Well-detailed learning analytics that allows a learner, as well as their parents/guardians, to monitor and assess progress across subjects and/or specific topics;

Weekly reports sent via SMS & WhatsApp to parents/guardians.

Preparation for upcoming exams by sitting for mock exams.

A fun and exciting new way to learn, which complements more traditional forms of teaching.

Do I need a smartphone to use uLesson?

Yes, if you purchase the Android Mobile plan. But, if you purchase the Windows Application, you can use any desktop or laptop which runs on Windows.

Does using the uLesson app mean I have to use my data?

Yes. uLesson is a data-streaming service.

Can I use uLesson on a device besides a smartphone?

Yes, you can. You can learn on the app with a laptop, or a tablet. You can also get the uLesson Learning Tablet to learn easier.

How do I get a uLesson Learning Tablet?

Please visit buy.ulesson.com to purchase one or simply tap on the ‘Buy a Learning Plan’ tab on your app.

How can I join the uLesson app?

To join uLesson, download uLesson App from Google Play Store on your Android or use the window web version on your PC and sign up.

What methods of payments does uLesson accept?

You can pay for your uLesson subscription via the following methods:

Debit/Credit card
Either on uLesson’s website (www.ulesson.com) or ‘uLesson’ app on Google Playstore.

Bank transfer:
Account Name: uLesson Education Limited
Account Numbers:6633412024 (FCMB)
0561976584 (GTB)

Mobile Money
Account Name: uLesson Education Limited
Account Number: 0594668550
Bank Transfer
Account Name: uLesson Education Limited
Account Number: 01212928702503 (UBA)

How do I confirm that my online payment was received and processed?

If you paid online or via the app with your debit or credit card, your subscription will be automatically activated. If, however, you choose to pay via a bank transfer, your subscription will be activated as soon as your payment has cleared.
If your subscription has not been automatically activated and/or you want to confirm the status of your online payment, please call our customer service department on +234 700 022 2333 or +233 59692 1140 (Ghana), WhatsApp on +2347040060013 or email help@ulesson.com to inquire and one of our representatives will be able to help you.

Why has my account not been upgraded?

All accounts are automatically upgraded following payment confirmation. If after 24 hours of payment, your account is still not upgraded, please call our customer service department on +234 700 022 2333 or +233 59692 1140 (Ghana), WhatsApp on +2347040060013 or email help@ulesson.com, and we will look into this request for you.

Can I change my phone number?

To change your phone number, you will need to sign up on the uLesson app with the new number then send an email to help@ulesson.com, or call +234 700 022 2333 or +233 59692 1140(Ghana), requesting for a phone number change. Please remember to include the Old Phone Number and New Phone Number in the email/message.