Setting SMART Success Goals for the New Year

Set Your Goals

Setting SMART Success Goals for the New Year

Set Your Goals



Congratulations on making it to the end of the year! As we hit 365 days around the sun, it also means we’re about to start another journey. As the new school term kicks in, let’s talk about setting goals—the SMART way. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

How Can You Set SMART Success Goals for 2024?


Get clear and specific about your goals. Instead of saying, “I want to do better in math,” try something like, “I’ll practise multiplication tables for 15 minutes every day to boost my skills.” See how the second goal is more specific than the first.


Think numbers! Set milestones that you can measure. Using our previous example, you can see that you can measure the time you spend practising multiplication tables. You can also add that you will practise multiplication tables for two numbers every day.

A measuring graph


Dream big, but keep it real. Make sure your goals are doable. Instead of aiming for top grades overnight, set goals, like improving one grade level by the end of the term.


Make it about you. Your goals should match your learning journey. If you’re diving into history, set goals that tie into that subject, like acing a specific topic.


Give yourself deadlines. Whether it’s finishing homework or conquering a tough topic, having timeframes helps you stay on track. Try setting weekly or monthly deadlines for different tasks.

Deadline ahead

Let’s Set a SMART Success Goal Together

I’m going to practise my times tables for 15 minutes every day, focusing on two numbers per day. By the end of each month, I want to get 10% better at them. This will help me get really good at math, and I’ll keep doing it all year.

How Do You Measure Your Progress?

Take, for example, that you’re practising your times table focusing on just two numbers, like 2 and 5. First, you take a quick test to see how many you know. Let’s say you get 5 right. Then, you practise those two numbers every day for 15 minutes.

After a month, you take the test again. This time, let’s say you get 8 right. Hooray! You improved by 3. To find out how much better you got, think of it like this: you got 30% better because you improved 3 out of 10 questions.

Why Should You Set SMART Success Goals?

  • SMART goals give you a game plan. It leaves out the guessing, and you know exactly what you’re aiming for.
  • SMART goals cut out distractions and leave you with a clear focus on what you want to achieve.
  • Each achievement towards your goals keeps you motivated and feeling confident.
  • SMART goals aren’t just about grades. They’ll also help you build soft skills like time management, organisation, and more.

In a nutshell, SMART goals are your secret weapons for acing the academic year. They make studying fun and give you the power to shape your success.

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So, let’s make this year your best one yet. You’ve got this! 🚀


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