uLesson Success Stories: I Got an A1 Because of uLesson

Rayyan's success story

uLesson Success Stories: I Got an A1 Because of uLesson

Rayyan's success story



Every student in SS 3 (and some in SS 2) is currently gearing up for the WASSCE and NECO exams. The tension can be real, but it’s surmountable. With WASSCE less than 90 days away, we decided to have a little chat with one of uLesson’s oldest users, Rayyan Salim Tahir, who is now a 100-level student at Nile University studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Rayyan shared with us how he cleared his WASSCE in one sitting, nailing an A1 in economics even though he used to struggle with it.

Here’s the full gist:

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Rayyan Tahir

How would you describe university? How is it going for you?

University is a step up from secondary school, I have to say, because there’s more responsibility and you are left to your own devices. But other than that, it’s a conducive study environment for me.

That’s good to hear. Now I understand that you used the uLesson app in secondary school. For how long did you use it?

For roughly 5 years. 4 to 5 years.

Wow. When exactly did you start using it?

Around 2019.

Wow, that’s just when uLesson started. You’ve been a long-time user 😁


That’s great. So how did you find out about uLesson?

Well, we first saw an advert for uLesson on TV. And I heard about it from a few of my friends.

What class were you in at that time?

I was just about to enter JSS 3.

How were your academics at that point before using uLesson?

At that point, my academics were okay. They were good. And I wanted to start using uLesson to make them better. Better than everyone else because no one else in my school was using it.

So you wanted to stand out?

Yes 😁.

😄 That’s a good goal. So how was your experience after you found out about uLesson? How did it affect your grades?

I came out as the valedictorian of that set for the JS 3 class that I was in at the time. And, subsequently, after using the uLesson for my SS 3 work, I also came out as the best graduating student in my SS 3 class.

My Basic Technology grades in junior secondary school were at a C, and then after uLesson, they were up to B on the verge of becoming A. I also used to struggle with economics, but using the uLesson app helped me understand it better.

And you used it particularly for your WAEC and NECO, right?

Yes. Particularly for WAEC and NECO.

Okay. So, how were your grades?

I cleared my papers in WAEC. I got an A1 in economics largely because of uLesson even though I struggled with it before.

That’s good. And what did you love most about the uLesson app while you used it?

I think the fact that I could go back to the lessons that I didn’t understand and replay them. It’s not something that, when you’re done with it, you can’t go back to it.

And the practise exams, because that’s largely what helps someone get ready for an exam—those past questions. The fact that it grades you, shows you where you can improve, and shows you what lessons you might have missed makes it my favourite part of uLesson.

The uLesson app

So, when you’re not studying, what do you usually do? 👀

I like to read storybooks and novels. It doesn’t have to be real life; it can be fantasy. I like sports, and I like playing video games. I watch movies too.

Of course, you have to be balanced. Academics, sports… You read to know more.


Just one last question. What feature do you wish was on the uLesson app that wasn’t there when you used it?

I don’t think there is much more that can be added to the uLesson app. But I think you could make JAMB past questions like Mock JAMB, where one can answer all four of the subjects that they would have taken in JAMB as one exam. That way, they’d be graded entirely, just like JAMB does. That’s the only thing I’d say should be added.

Alright. Thank you very much for that feedback and for your time. I wish you success in the rest of your exams. 

Thank you.

Is there anything else you want to say to uLesson?

I just want to say thank you to uLesson because they have really impacted everything that I’ve achieved up until now.

And what advice would you give to other students in secondary schools to help improve their grades?

Read, focus, and get uLesson. That’s essentially all I will say. Anything else has already been told to them.


So, you see? It’s not that hard. All you have to do to ace your WASSCE in one sitting is to “read, focus, and get uLesson” (in Rayyan’s words 😁). If you haven’t already started, here’s your chance to prepare and get confident before WASSCE. Download the uLesson app here, or use the web version instead.

We compiled some tips to help you pass WASSCE in one sitting as well. Remember, you’ve got this!


  1. I first of all like to start about how I found about Ulesson.
    I was in the living room watching television when an advertisement occurred and it was about Ulesson,my mum saw it and asked me do I want to going Ulesson, but I was nervous at first,then she okay because it will help in my studies and help to pass.
    Some months later she then informed that I will goin tomorrow, the next three days I got the Ulesson tab and started using it for almost one, now I’m always getting A,A,A in almost almost all the subject.
    I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity if not for my family and wise decision.

  2. First,I will like to say that I got information about ulesson on television I started to get interested I wanted to know what it’s all about
    I told my dad about it and he say ok when he comes then when he came I directly saw the ulesson tab ulesson helped me before i will always be the 28th position but when I got ulesson I first got third and I now came out first with good results I think it is a good way to study and understand 😃😀 ULESSON LOVE LEARNING

  3. Let me start from when I used ulesson, I’ve been seeing the advert on YouTube, so I just decided to download the app. That’s how it started. I joined last yr ending around October that was during first term, in Jss1 I was having difficulties because of my teachers, but when I started last yr for the first time I started to get A’s in maths especially with a total of 96 thanks to Ulesson it is really wonderful!

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