How to prepare for a CBT easily in 5 ways.

How to prepare for a CBT

How to prepare for a CBT easily in 5 ways.

How to prepare for a CBT



Computer-Based Testing: How to prepare for a CBT. 

The world keeps evolving, and it seems like we can’t just catch up with it. 

We find the rapid application of Science and Technology in almost every aspect of our lives. Adaptation to this fast-paced evolution may seem far-fetched or difficult to many and learners are not left out. 

Based on the education system, learners need to be assessed or participate in some sort of testing to get to a higher level or be certified as a master in a field. As a result, taking examinations becomes inevitable.

The integration of technology has brought about a sort of testing methodology called the Computer-Based Test (CBT) which is fastly driving off the “pen on paper’ system of examination, and thus the need for a quick adaptation. 

How can – not only a fast adaptation but an effective adaptation take place when an examination; already a difficult, yet not a true test of knowledge for many, is now dreaded by even the few who would have loved it or longed for this test? 

Some learners who may have full knowledge of the concept to be examined may struggle to achieve success; not because they do not know what to write, but because they are limited in the know-how of CBTs.

Before we get into the how-tos of CBTs, let’s first understand the why. 

Why is the world migrating to Computer-Based Testing systems?

Traditional examination methods have a number of disadvantages that computer-based assessments do not. Computer-based exams have made the examination process easier than ever before, from administering exams to sending reports.

When it comes to speed, saving time and energy,  efficiency, and accuracy in reporting, it benefits both the learners and the instructors. Little wonder why many would choose it.

How to prepare for a CBT

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need some special skills like coding or programming or some artificial intelligent quotient to be able to write a test using any CBT interface. 

What do you need? Simple: 

  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Familiarity with interface
  • Have a good network and a stable power
  • Be mindful of the instructions
  • Knowledge of field(Subject)

Basic knowledge of computers

To prepare for a CBT, one needs the basic knowledge of operating computers. Regrettably, a lot of people are lacking the basic knowledge of computers. Most CBT centers have candidates who do not know the first thing about turning on a computer. You do not want to get to a testing center and spend the first 20 minutes of the exams trying to figure out how to turn on the computer or navigate your way to the testing portal; much less on how to click a mouse or undo an error. No, you don’t. So you can avoid this by simply taking a 5-minute lesson on computers. 

Familiarity with the interface

The next step in how to prepare for a CBT is familiarity with the interface. Although there are many sites that host computer-based tests, they all work on the same backend principles. In advance, you want to make sure that any interface you see does not look strange to you before that day. How can you get familiar with the Interface? Use apps like the uLesson App to get familiar. Take practice tests & quizzes or sit for mock exams on the app to be adequately prepared. That way, on the expected day you can grace your way through any interface you find. 

Have a good network and a stable power

Before you think about CBT, ensure you are where the connectivity is at its best. Most people who have failed their CBTs are a result of having a poor network connection. This poor signal can get you logged out or have your responses unsubmitted despite clicking ‘submit’. You also want to make sure your device is properly charged or plugged into an uninterrupted power supply, or else the same fate might befall you.

Be mindful of the instructions

Read, read, read the instructions. This cannot be overemphasized. Reviewing instructions that you receive in advance and on the day is of utmost importance. It is imperative that you are aware of the marking scheme and the type of questions to be asked. 

Knowledge of field (Subjects)

Finally, getting familiar with the interface and having a basic knowledge of computers does not guarantee success. You have only come 30% prepared. The bulk of the work still lies in your knowledge of the topics and how ready you are. 

Oh, less I forget, like your pen-on-paper examination, be mindful of the timer. Follow these steps on how to prepare for a CBT, then you can be sure of a smooth A in that Exam. 


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