New App Update: New Libraries, New Homework Help Subjects, and more!

New App Update: New Libraries, New Homework Help Subjects, and more!



The New App update

Over the past two years, since the initial launch of the uLesson app, our parents and learners have enjoyed the best of digital learning. Learners in Junior & Senior Secondary school (STEM classes), as well as Primary 4-6, have loved learning with our interactive academic content, gone on to pass their examinations and most importantly, now enjoy learning.

In recent months, we’ve received an increasing number of requests from parents and learners for an Arts & Commercial library as well as a library catering to learners in Primary 1-3.  

These requests have not fallen on deaf ears and after months of cross-departmental collaboration, we’re pleased to let you know that the Arts/Com library is live with the new app update. 

What’s in the New App Update?

Arts & Commercial Library

The video library which heavily catered to STEM learners has been expanded to include a library for learners in Arts & Commercial classes. 

In addition to the existing lessons in English and Mathematics, the library features lessons in the below subjects:


Financial Accounting


Primary 1- 3 Library

This library joins its higher primary counterpart in delivering lessons in the below subjects:


Basic Science & Tech

English Language

Due to the age group of learners in the lower primary, it was important to us to have the lessons crafted as creatively as possible. This way, we ensure rapt attention. 

We implored the use of music and rhymes to add more delight to the lessons and make essential points easy to remember. 

You thought our existing lessons were richly animated? The lower primary library’s animation gets even better. According to one of the learners in our focus group session “Yes, I had learned some of the lessons in school but the animation and illustrations in the videos are interesting and made me want to listen.”

In addition to these, we included interactive activities and questions to keep learners engaged and involved. Questions in this library are scaffolded to reach every learning ability, from low ability to high ability. 

Another learner from the focus group shares how the use of stories aided in their learning. “The stories helped me to recall the lesson easily, and they are entertaining too.”

Interesting to note is that learners with access to the primary 4 – 6 library would also have access to the primary 1 – 3 library and vice versa.

New Subjects in Homework Help

Our on-demand Homework Help service was originally launched with learners able to ask questions only in subjects offered on the app. However, with the new app update comes the addition of more subjects – both ones offered and not. See them below:


Financial Accounting 




Quantitative Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Business Studies

The journey so far

The groundwork for the new libraries started as far back as 2020 but we had to cascade the implementation of the different libraries per the user demand. This resulted in the execution of the projects in 2022. 

The results of the libraries are a combination of efforts across all departments. From the Product team, Engineering, and Content, to Distribution & Marketing. 

The Product and Engineering team was responsible for technical work at the back end and what we see on the app.

The content team collaborated on the curriculum development, illustrations, scriptwriting, animations, music & sound, and quality assurance. 

The marketing worked on a series of events, and communications to create awareness and deliver these new projects to the market. 

The New App Update was well thought out and designed specifically with our learners in mind, therefore, adding even more value to their existing digital learning experience.

Download the app or update to the latest version to enjoy access to the Arts & Commercial Library and other learning resources that comes with the update.


  1. Can you please bring computer science for senior classes too, I’d really appreciate that. Although I am really looking forward to the new updates. Thank you

    • Hello Faith,

      Your request has been received and would be looked into. We’re also pumped for the new updates, fingers crossed!

    • Hello Lilian,

      Thank you for this. Please call +2347000 222 333 to get assistance from our Counsellors. Thanks.

    • Hello Feranmi,

      We’ve recieved your request and we would look into. That said, we recently added new subjects to the library, kindly look through and learn easily with uLesson.

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