Time Management Tips for WASSCE

time management tips when studying

Time Management Tips for WASSCE

time management tips when studying



Time Management Tips for WASSCE 

It could be overwhelming when you see the number of questions that you are expected to answer during an exam, it might seem like there are too many questions to answer in little time. You might get anxious, afraid that you’ll misinterpret a question or that you’ll be unable to answer all the questions.

Not to worry, you can answer all the questions and as accurately as possible with effective time management tactics. Time management means that you use your time consciously to effectively complete your tasks. Here are a few tips to help you manage time wisely during your exams:

Read all Instructions Carefully

There are usually instructions for each section, ensure you read and follow the instructions. Understanding the instructions will prevent you from making mistakes that you have to spend extra time rectifying. So, be sure to read ALL instructions carefully!

Read all Questions

Once you receive your question papers, take some minutes to read through the questions (mostly the theory section). This will help you to identify the questions that you are most prepared for and save you time that you would have spent debating on what questions to focus on.

Outline the key points

Once you have read through the questions and have identified the ones you would like to answer, put down some key points on a space in your question paper. At this point, your thoughts are still very clear and it’s easier to remember and outline what you had studied. The outline will help when you eventually delve into the questions.

Divide your time

Determine how much time you have to spend on each question and stick to it. Having a stopwatch is helpful. A good way to start is by answering questions that carry the most marks or they are compulsory. When you are familiar with a question, there is a tendency to go off writing and writing, don’t do that. Ensure you write only the important things and save the rest of the time to attend to other questions. If you feel the need to write a bit more on a question, leave some space after you have written the most important points and come back to the question later.

Start with what you know first

Remember that outline you put down? At the point of writing it, you can already tell which questions you can best tackle. Start with that. You are more likely to complete it faster than any other question. Again, stick to only the important points. Questions that seem foreign or difficult can derail your time, so leave them till later if time permits.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The best way to manage your time is to practice before the exams. Take timed quizzes and see how you are able to handle all the questions within the time frame. Don’t choose to practice one subject and ignore the others. Use the timed practice exams on the uLesson app to learn time management. The app hosts over 8 years of past questions and answers so it would be helpful for you to practice time management. It is also available for free download on the playstore.

Be sure to follow these tips to manage your time during your exams. Remember, follow all instructions and focus on only the important points when answering questions. Also remember that with the uLesson app, you can prepare, revise, practice and increase your chances of passing WAEC exams.


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