Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) with uLesson

Buy Now, Pay Later with uLesson

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) with uLesson

Buy Now, Pay Later with uLesson



Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) with uLesson

Purchasing the uLesson Education Tablet just got easier, better, and more affordable. You can now buy the uLesson Education Tablet and pay later.

How does it work?

The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) option allows you to buy the uLesson Education Tablet and pay in installments within a maximum period of 3 months.

How do I get started?

Complete the purchase request form below: 

Click here if you are in Nigeria.

Click here if you are in Ghana.

After a complete review of your application, we will inform you to know if your application is successful.

Do I get the uLesson Education Tablet after Initial Deposit?

Yes. The uLesson Education Tablet is given to you after your initial deposit. 

Do I have to make the first payment at the time of the initial deposit?

Yes. Your first payment is your initial deposit.

What if I can’t make an installment payment when due? 

Seven (7) days before your repayment due date, you would have been called and reminded. If the required installment payment is not made when it is due, you will be given a grace period. At the expiration of this grace period, you get a negative credit score from us; meaning you can’t access our loan facility any time soon.

An outright default means we may report you to the National Credit Bureau and follow up with our processes to recover the loan due.


What’s the payment duration?

You can split your payment with an initial deposit of 50% of the purchase price, and make the complete payment in installments within the given maximum period of 3 months. 

How do I make payment?

First Step:

Before making payment, you will be informed if your application was successful after a careful review.

Second Step:

An account number will be sent to you to make your initial deposit.

What’s the advantage of the Buy Now, Pay Later option?

Flexible payment options:

You can spread your payment within a maximum period of 3 months.

What Next?

Give your child access to unlimited learning resources to excel in school. Click here to get started.


  1. If you subscribe the 1 year after one year, you will still pay the same amount again or i don’t understand, is there no lower price for poor people like me 😭 i really want to join

    • Hi, Adah Ehi.

      Yes. You will need to resubscribe after a year.

      We understand. This is why we offer discounts at different intervals to our learners.

      We also have a quarterly subscription plan available to all learners.

      Call +234 7000 222 333 to get all the info you need about uLesson.

  2. Hello ma I saw that u lesson go give commission for promoting their products. Can we get a special web for the affiliate stuff so we can easily get the items we would use to promote the app

  3. I’m really interested in purchasing the three years tablet for my child, but l can only afford the payment by July 2023 due to the situation of things now in this part of the world. So that he can make a good result in his third term exam. I have been watching the program on wasobia TV between 4.30-5.00p .m daily. But due to onsteady power supply, I often misses the program.

    • Hi, Mr. Wasiu Balogun.

      We are happy to know you follow our session on the TV.

      Kindly drop your contact so we can reach you and inform you of all you need to know on getting uLesson for your child before third term commences.

      You can also reach out to us via +234 7000 222 333

    • Hi, Azeez.

      The subscription plans are only available for 3months (quarterly) & 12months (annually).

      To subscribe, follow the steps below:
      Click and download the uLesson App
      Launch the uLesson App
      Click on the button at the top left-hand corner of the home page.
      Click on subscribe Now.
      Click on continue.
      Choose a subscription plan
      You can pay with the following:
      Flutterwave with your card or USSD
      Via Bank transfer
      Pay with a Scratch card or Call a learning advisor at +234 7000 222 333

    • Hi, Chioma.

      Yes. We have the “Library Lifetime Access” offer.

      It gives learners access to a library within a grade group on uLesson. This is valid for life.
      Call +234 7000 222 333 to learn more.

      • On this platform, Can you please list out all the available grade groups specifically earmarked for the Lifetime Library Subscription.
        Secondly, can this Tab be used for other purposes by the parents, outside the uLesson App classes. Can the parent insert a SIM card for calls or more, as well as connect to the internet via hotspot or a mifi, thus using the Tab for other parental purposes when necessary.

        • Hello, Dan. Library lifetime access is available for all libraries (primary, junior secondary, and senior secondary). For further inquiries, please contact us on WhatsApp +234 807 800 3333 or call us at +234 7000 222 333.

          And yes, the Education Tab can be used for other purposes, but it is advisable for it to be used as a dedicated learning tablet to ensure your child doesn’t interfere with your activities on your personal device and that they are not distracted while learning.

  4. Does a single subscription allows access to multiple levels of learning e.g. junior and Senior secondary
    At what time of the day is the live lessons seeing that children will be in school whenever schools are open

    • Hi, Ocholi.

      A single subscription only gives you access to either the primary library, junior secondary library, or senior secondary library only.

      The live lessons are spread across different times of the day. Each upcoming live lesson is seen as scheduled on the app and learners can replay within a span of time e.g 7 hours after the live lessons.

  5. Good morning,
    What is the term of pay later, can the payment be monthly for 6 months or 12 months.
    Is it possible for 2 or 3 kids (of different age) used one tab and same subscription.

  6. please am a student buying for myself but I don’t have any money to pay for initial deposit

  7. Good morning.
    For one year’s payment for the tab, how much is the 1st deposit? How much am I to pay for the remaining 3 months? Does the tablet come with a protective cover? I saw a bag in the advert, pls, is it part of the package.
    Does the tablet have a name, and color variations for one to choose from? Following the 1st deposit, how long will it take to reach a destination considering that I reside eastern part of Nigeria?

    God bless you.

  8. Please are the resources offline or online after subscription? My tuttee just got the tab and 1 year subscription. Contact me at 07038989089

  9. Does the level of efucational teaching depends on the class grade one subscribe to? I mean can one subscribe for primary in this quter and in the next qauter subscribe for higher secondry class in thesame tab?

  10. I want this tab for my child but the inital payment is a little high on my side considering my income.

  11. I have the tab but I don’t know how to use it

    Gdu huff BCC
    GCC be able to make it today but I will be in touch with you
    I have this friend of mine that will like this ulesson app

    • Hi, Isaac. kindly reach out to +234 7000 222 333 We provide you with all the info. you need on how the navigate the uLesson Tab.

      Kindly refer your friend. We will be happy to to provide him with the information he needs about the uLesson App. He can also reach out to us via +234 7000 222 333

  12. Hello. I have two kids at primary levels. If I subscribe the ulesson subscription, will the two of my kids have access of the lessons from two different tablets? Or each subscription is only limited to one device?

  13. Hello.
    Good morning.
    I intend to get the education tab for my children but i will like to subscribe for the BNPL option. Can you pls educate me on what the total package will be if this option is chosen and how is the 3 month instalmental payment expected to be made. I have called the customer line but the response i got was that its closed.
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Dr. Jabar.

      We will reach out to you to provide you with all the information you need to know about the BNPL option and how to go about it.

      Kindly provide your phone contact detail so we can reach out to you.

      Thank you.

  14. I would like to buy the tab and lifetime subscription.
    Will the subscription be fixed to the first class selected or can the class be changed during the lifetime period?

  15. I am a working class man, and I did my WAEC many years ago as a commercial student. Now because of current profession, I need to change to science subjects and re-write WAEC next year. How Can ulesson help me achieve that?

  16. I want to get the TAB for my son who’s currently preparing for WAEC. And I’d like to use the BNPL option. Can you walk me through the process?
    You may reach me via my email for a timely response. Thank you

  17. Pls I need a quick response to these questions:

    1. I need two of the education tab 2 ( 1 for primary and 1 for secondary). How can I get in touch with the vendor or is there any outlet I can visit within Lagos island?

    2. Why is the help desk contact you drop not picking my calls.

    Pls I will appreciate a swift response to this

  18. Hello, I’m from Ghana and want the tab but it’s like the storage capacity is small. Please, can I get 6GB RAM/128GB or 8GB RAM/256GB

  19. The 20 000 naira for 3 months is it with the tablet ? Will you pay for the delivery of the tablet? If you are paying for the delivery how much?

  20. If a child misses a mock exam,there should give they child few days to write the exam.For example I missed an exam today because my school had their term 1 examination, when I came back I saw the mock exam had concluded.I suggest a few days should be given to children who had missed the first round of the mock exam.

    • Hello, Bright. Our mock exams are periodic and meant to fit into the academic calendar. If you miss one mock exam, you can always look out for the next one or take practice exams instead. Also, keep an eye out for the reminders we always send you so you don’t miss any exams going forward.

      I hope this answers your question.

  21. Hello, I will like to get a tab and life time subscription. But, the tab will be used by my 3 children. Kindly confirm it this is possible and how to go about it. 1. Jss 1, 2. Pry 5 and 3. Pry 3.

    Thank you.

  22. Hello ulesson, I would like to know if the ulesson tablet also has other features and it’s not just restricted to only the ulessons applications. Is it like any other tablet that can be used to download application or just ulesson applications

  23. I have my children in SS1, Grade 6 and Grade 3. Can they all make use of the same tab and subscription?
    Do they need an Internet connection and Ulesson subscription to use the Ulesson app on their personal Laptop?

    • Good day, Ma. To make the most of the uLesson app, they would need to get a subscription. They would also need an internet connection. Only Education Tab 2 allows “no internet connection.”

      To learn more about the subscriptions for the grades, please chat with us on WhatsApp here +2348078003333. Thank you.

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