3 ways you can use uLesson to get ready for the new school year


3 ways you can use uLesson to get ready for the new school year




A brand-new school year is right around the corner. 

Students are returning to their books. They’re getting back into the daily swing of things, easing into a routine, and creating study plans to achieve their academic goals for the new session. 

Many are already in summer lessons to brush up on their curriculum or study for a key exam. A case in point: August saw a significant spike in learners using uLesson: new app users increased by 22.6%, and daily user engagement increased by 15.5%.

Here are 3  ways you can study with uLesson to prepare for the new school term on September 12th.

Reviewing core curriculum subjects they need extra help with


Pre-recorded library on the uLesson app

Every student has different learning capabilities and preferences. Subjects and topics that are easy for some might prove more challenging for others. 

Understanding this, uLesson allows every student to conquer challenging concepts at their own pace. It has an extensive library of pre-recorded videos that students can save and rewatch to fully understand lessons before the start of the new school year. 

Thanks to these videos, chemistry went from being a difficult subject to Nabila A’s favourite subject—one she excels in.

Nabila started studying with uLesson to improve her grades in Chemistry and cover SS1 and SS2 topics. “At school, we didn’t have a regular chemistry teacher, so the subject wasn’t easy; it was quite hard. But when I started using the app (uLesson), it became easier.” 

Seeing the pre-recorded videos helped Nabila get a stronger grasp on the subject. She mentions the teacher presenting the videos does a fantastic job at explaining and illustrating the difficult concepts, which not only helps her better understand the topic but also enjoy the lessons. 

“I came first in Chemistry last term,“ Nabila chirped proudly.

The pre-recorded videos promote an asynchronous way of learning and are particularly useful for visual learners. The fact that they work in situations with slow internet, no internet, multiple school children, and parents working from home is also why they are the most loved feature of the app. Instead of sitting behind the screen all day, students can learn when it fits into their home schedule and can pause, play, and rewind lessons as needed.

Doing a mix of pre-recorded videos and live lessons to facilitate learning is another option. Students can watch the pre-recorded videos before class time and then resolve any doubts and seek additional help to work through assignments during their live lessons with expert tutors.

Get extra support for handling abstract subjects


Live classes on the uLesson app

Students who face difficulties understanding abstract subjects and need practical demonstrations will particularly benefit from uLesson’s Live Lessons feature.

Under this setting, students are taught by expert tutors in real-time on their preferred topic and schedule. Think of it as getting an in-depth ride of explanations, where they can draw more knowledge from live group discussions and study in a typical classroom setting — from the comfort of their home. 

Sylvia I. is one of the many Nigerian students who use uLesson’s live lessons, and pre-recorded videos to study on their own. Gearing up for SS3 next month, she has found the app’s vast video library incredibly helpful for revising her physics, chemistry, and math lessons.

Both free and paid uLesson users can sign up for live classes from the schedule that is provided a month ahead of the classes. 

Once the student signs up for the class, they get a confirmation with additional details about the class, including time, date, and tutor details. Links to pre-recorded sessions and reading materials are also provided to help students prepare ahead of the classes and maximize their learning experience.

The whole idea behind live lessons is to enrich the learning experience of students, helping them connect with tutors for richer, more interactive learning sessions. At the same time, these sessions encourage learning at a pace students are comfortable with and can fit within their daily study routines. 

Currently, the total number of reservations for live lessons is greater than 342,000. Note that MTN users who have subscribed to the uLesson app get an additional 500 MB per day to study.

Effective test prep for BECE and WAEC


Homework help on the uLesson app

One of the main reasons students take summer lessons is to crack key exams like BECE and WAEC. 

It’s mandatory for students to secure passing marks in all the subjects to pass these exams. If they fail in one or more subjects, they’ll have to retake that specific exam(s) to score an overall passing grade. 

Students who haven’t yet passed BECE and WAEC can use uLesson to prepare and revise for the next sitting and ensure they pass the specific subjects they didn’t before. They can target subjects and topics they struggle with and build on their knowledge before retaking the exams — just like sixteen-year-old Oluwatimisin O.

Oluwatimisin turned to uLesson to prepare for the GCE examinations. He wanted in-depth guidance in Physics and Chemistry and watched the pre-recorded videos to understand all the concepts. 

He praised how the presenters in the video don’t assume the student would already be familiar with a topic and break down each concept in detail, which helped him understand subjects he struggled with at the granular level.

After studying with uLesson for one hour each day, Oluwatimisin is confident of cracking GCE. When asked how ready he feels about retaking the exam, he responded, “At the moment, I feel 70-75% ready for it. If I’m to retake physics and chemistry right now, I’ll be in the range of B-B2.”

In addition to taking the pre-recorded videos and live learning sessions, students can also test their knowledge to gauge their preparedness. uLesson offers thousands of test simulations and practice quizzes to help students become more grounded in what’s being taught in the videos and feel confident in sitting for the exams.

Prepare for the next session and key examinations with uLesson

uLesson allows students to learn to retain by making learning fun again. Unsurprisingly, more students are using the app to get better grades and expand their learning. 3 out of 4 parents of uLesson users are buying the one-year subscription, while others are opting for quarterly plans.

Students can use the learning app to demystify difficult concepts and get access to personalized and relevant content covering core curriculum subjects, like English Language, Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology. 

While pre-recorded videos and live lessons help them learn and build on their knowledge at their own pace, taking tests and quizzes enables them to determine how ready they are for exams before it’s too late.

Secure your future with uLesson and better adapt to the learning evolution in the current digital age.


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