get your dream score in JAMB


get your dream score in JAMB




I know! You hope to get 392 in the upcoming UTME, right?. However, the reality is that (in past exams) more students fail than pass. In 2020, over 700,000 students  scored below 200. The odds are against you.

So, the question is, what is your game plan? How do you intend to get your dream score in JAMB?


  1. COVER THE SYLLABUS: Trust me when I say that there are no shortcuts. To increase your chance of scoring high in the UTME, you need to cover all the topics in the JAMB syllabus. In my experience, it takes about 6 months of dedicated studying to achieve this. You should download and subscribe to the uLesson App to make the best of this

  1. PRACTICE WITH PAST QUESTIONS: It is not enough to read alone; you should practice with past questions. After reading a topic, make sure to practice questions under that topic just to  ensure that you understand all you’ve read. The uLesson app has 18000+ practice questions you could make use of

  1. TIME YOURSELF: UTME does not just test your knowledge, it also tests your speed. So you need to learn how to pace yourself and work within the constraint of time allocated. 

  1. STUDY SMART: I know I said in the first point to try to cover the syllabus. But sometimes (for any reason), you might not have the time to cover the syllabus. In that case, you must realize that not all topics are equal. For example, more questions are asked from some topics than others.

  1. REGISTER EARLY: Registering early helps you get an exam centre that is not far from your residence. In addition, it affords you the opportunity of writing the mock exam organized by JAMB.

  1. WRITE THE MOCK: Mock gives you a peek into what to expect on exam day. It also serves as a reality check.


  1. DO NOT FORGET TO REPRINT YOUR EXAM SLIP: You would be required to reprint your exam slip days before your exam. The new slip would contain your exam centre and your exam time.  

  1. VISIT YOUR EXAM CENTRE BEFORE THE DAY OF YOUR EXAM: You want to make sure that you know your examination centre and how to get there before exam day. Failure to do this can add unnecessary pressure that may affect your score negatively.

  1. REVISE: A few days before your exam is not the time to begin extensive reading. On the contrary, this is the best time to fill in gaps in your knowledge, tidy up things and just revise what you’ve read previously. You may also want to attempt plenty of past questions to freshen your memory.


  1. SLEEP EARLY: Don’t fall into the temptation of trying to ram  so much information into your brain a day before your examination. If you want to get your dream score in JAMB ensure you get enough rest.  

  1. GET YOUR DOCUMENTS AND STATIONERY READY: I advise that you make three photocopies of your exam slip. Go to the exam venue with two copies and keep one at home. Don’t forget to get a pencil and maybe a blade.


  1. LEAVE HOME EARLY: Try as much as you can to get to the venue of your exam at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time. If you live in a busy city like Lagos, you must consider the time you are likely to spend in traffic.

  1. BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK: Exam can be quite tasking mentally, I advise that you eat something before leaving the house. However, you do not want to eat a meal that would disturb your bowel or one that contains so much liquid and may require you to visit the toilet repeatedly. 

  1. DO NOT FORGET YOUR DOCUMENTS: Without your examination pass, you won’t be allowed into the exam hall even if you cry your eyes out, wail and roll on the ground.

  1. DRESS APPROPRIATELY: Do not wear anything that is seductive, distracting or that could draw undue attention to yourself either from the invigilators or from fellow students.

  1. BE CAREFUL OF THE GROUP YOU MINGLE WITH: It is likely that before the commencement of your exam, you would see other students gather in clusters. More often than not, someone would decide to dish out unsolicited advice. Be careful! This can instigate undue fear that can result in failure. 

  1. BE ATTENTIVE: Make sure you listen with rapt attention to the JAMB officials. If there is anything you do not understand, ask questions.


  1. CONCENTRATE: Do not be distracted by your environment. Remember that your sole purpose is to write the exam and pass well.

  1. PUT YOUR NERVES IN CHECK: Do not allow your nerves to get the better of you. Take a deep breath and reassure yourself that giving your utmost best is all that matters.

  1. ADHERE TO EXAM RULES: Do not cheat. Do not talk to other students. If you have any issues with your computer, raise your hand and speak to a JAMB official.

  1. START WITH A SUBJECT THAT’S SIMPLE FOR YOU: Knowing the correct answers to the first sets of questions you come across on exam day can help boost your confidence.

  1. ANSWER EVERY QUESTION: There is nothing like negative marking. Even if you are not sure of the answer to any question, make an educated guess. If you are running out of time, pick an option (even if it means any option). Don’t leave any question unanswered.

  1. DO NOT LOITER AT THE EXAM VENUE: As soon as you submit and have done all that is required of you, leave the exam venue. Go home and have a good rest.

  1. PRAY: My final advice is, after you’ve done all of the above, don’t forget to pray.

I wish you the very best in your exam. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section.

Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels


    • It is extremely possible by :
      1) making sure you pray before thinking about anything
      2) practice past questions
      3) covering the utme brochures or syllabus
      4) watching utme tutorial lessons
      5) utme cbt practice
      Lastly, to prevent exam phobia, don’t be scared. I just hope you found this helpful

  1. Please I want to use ulesson to prepare for my upcoming exam instead of going to lesson centre, please is that an advisable thing to do

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