How Kamji Nailed 9 As in WAEC and 354 in JAMB with uLesson!

How Kamji Nailed 9As in WAEC and 354 in JAMB with uLesson

How Kamji Nailed 9 As in WAEC and 354 in JAMB with uLesson!

How Kamji Nailed 9As in WAEC and 354 in JAMB with uLesson



Final secondary school exams (WAEC, NECO, and JAMB) are closer than ever, and there’s much to learn from the experiences of those who’ve gone ahead.

In this insightful interview, Chikamjibiri Mbakwe shares his journey and strategy for attaining an outstanding performance in the 2023 SSCE, offering advice and inspiration to other students as they embark on their own exam adventure.

Chikamjibiri Mbakwe


When did you start using uLesson, and how did you find out about us?

I think I started using uLesson in 2021. I was in SS One then. My mum recommended it.

How was learning for you before uLesson?

Before I started using uLesson, it was mainly just hardcopy: printed notes and written notes. There were fewer online resources for learning. That was in the pre-pandemic era. Those were what I was mainly using before using uLesson.

Did you find that form of learning interesting?

It was interesting, but it wasn’t perfect. It could have been better.

Kamji’s Academic Preparation Strategy

What was your experience like after finding out about uLesson?

I used to use the uLesson app before every term as a way of preparing for the term. I’d do all the topics for that term for physics, chemistry, and biology. I‘d go through the video lessons and tests for those three subjects, especially, to get ready for them ahead of the school term.

Did you notice any difference in your academics compared to your experience before uLesson?

Yes. It positively affected me because it helped me get ready for each term. So whenever the teacher was teaching something new, it wouldn’t be something strange to me. I already had a sort of grasp on it.

Apart from studying ahead of the term, are there other milestones that uLesson helped you cross? Like difficult subjects.

I really used the uLesson app for chemistry because the way everything was explained made it look simpler and easier to understand. Especially in organic chemistry, like oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and all those topics.

You used the uLesson app for about three years in school. How would you describe it based on your experience?

I think the uLesson app is user-friendly and has an interactive interface. It makes learning simpler and easier. It also encourages learning.

Remarkable Results with the uLesson App

What effect would you say the uLesson app had on your WAEC, NECO, and UTME?

I used the uLesson app to prepare for those exams and other external exams. I watched the video lessons topic by topic so that I could know the basics of each topic and everything that could possibly come out in the exams. I wanted to be sure that I had conquered each topic, so I kept going until I was done.

I had 9 As in my WAEC, and I got 354 in my JAMB UTME. I can’t really remember what I had in my NECO at the moment.

Since you cleared WAEC already, 😁. Congratulations 🎉! Will you say uLesson contributed to these results?

Yes. Totally.

Kamji's WAEC result
Kamji’s WAEC result

What would you want to become in the future? And what inspires you towards it?

I want to become a mechanical engineer. I like cars, machines, and vehicles. I also like maths and physics. Those are my strong points, so they just propelled me to pick mechanical engineering.

It’s actually good to move in the direction of your passion and your strengths, so it’s easier for you to pursue.


Kamji’s Perspective on uLesson

Considering where you are now, do you think it was worth choosing uLesson?

Yes. I think my experience was definitely worthwhile.

What did you like most about the uLesson app while you used it?

What I liked most were the practice tests. After every video lesson, there were three questions to help you brush up on what you just learned. Using that helped me, so I didn’t forget what I had learned.

Is there anything you’d like to say to uLesson?

I’d just like to say thank you for making such a wonderful app for students to learn, brush up on what they have learned in school, and improve their academic standing. It really helped me, and I think it can help many others.

What advice would you give to students, especially SS 3 students who are preparing for their final exams?

I think they should just take each subject topic by topic to make sure that they understand everything under the topic. If they go through it one by one, at the end of the day, they’ll be done with the entire subject.

They should make sure they capitalise on their strong points in subjects that they’re good at and also work on their weaknesses.

Thank you for your time. I wish you success in your future endeavours to become one of the biggest mechanical engineers we have 💜.

The uLesson app
The uLesson app

Enhancing Your Learning Journey

Dear uLesson superstar, as you prepare for your own exams, don’t fret! Let stories like Kamji’s and Rayyan’s inspire you. Kamji’s experiences highlight the importance of adequate preparation ahead of exams and using tools like the uLesson app to enhance your learning experience.

With dedication and the right support, you too can achieve impressive results in the WAEC, JAMB, and NECO exams.

So, Class of 2024, seize the opportunity before you. Launch the uLesson app here or use the web version to get started on passing your exams in one sitting!



  1. Please I am in SS1 using the ulesson app. But i am not still comfortable with my results.
    Like I get
    Math- 87
    But what i want is all 90
    How can i get it

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