7 Excellent Tips to Pass WAEC in One Sitting

tips to pass waec in one sitting.

7 Excellent Tips to Pass WAEC in One Sitting

tips to pass waec in one sitting.



Important Things to Know About WAEC/WASSCE 2023

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is an examination body within the West African community that oversees the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

WASSCE is an important examination that students in their final year in senior secondary schools or high schools, sit for. Every student taking WASSCE is expected to put their best foot forward; preparing effectively to pass in one sitting. Most times, a lot of students have difficulties passing all the subjects they sat for hence, the need to rewrite WASSCE.

In this article, we will be sharing excellent tips to help you ace WASSCE in one sitting. Before that, let’s walk you through the answers to some common questions you might randomly ask.

When will WAEC 2023 start?

The date for WASSCE 2023 has been scheduled by WAEC to start 8th May 2023 to 23rd June 2023.

What are WAEC compulsory subjects?

English and Mathematics are compulsory subjects every student writing WASSCE must sit for.

Tips To Prepare For WAEC/WASSCE

1. Get acquainted With the WAEC Syllabus:

One of the major steps to preparing for any examination is knowing the format of the exam. WAEC requires students to register for at least six(6) subjects and a maximum of nine including English Language, which is compulsory for Science, Art, and Commercial students.

WAEC questions are categorized into multiple-choice and theory, which students must answer depending on the subject. There are practical exams in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and, Food and Nutrition. It is also important to study with the WAEC syllabus and know the timetable to help you plan accordingly.

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2. Set Attainable Study Goals

Another tip to help you prepare for WAEC is to set specific and attainable goals. Goal setting is a vital phase in preparing for a significant exam like WASSCE. Goals that are well-stated help you focus and channel your efforts to reach your WASSCE goals that’s why we provide assistance to our learners to help them set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time bounded) goals. 

Keep in mind that your objectives do not have to be difficult, the simpler the goal the easier it is to achieve it. Avoid vague goals like, “study chemistry during a certain regular time”. Rather, Study this way: read and take notes on chapter 6 in Chemistry, or two comprehensive passages, etc.

3. Create a Study Plan

A study plan is a sequence of stages that brings you to achieve the goal you set for yourself. When preparing for a really significant exam like WASSCE, a strategy like creating a study plan is necessary. A study plan allows you to allocate adequate time slots for studying each subject. For the WAEC exams, this would include the number of hours you intend to spend reading each subject and the tools you’ll need to help you achieve your goals.

4. Start Studying Early & Take Notes

Adequate preparation is the best antidote to exam anxiety. Studying ahead allows you to spend more time comprehending each subject. Research shows that videos, illustrations, animations, motion pictures, and images aid better learning and understanding that’s why the uLesson learning app uses this technique to help its learners excel academically.

Digesting too much information can be overwhelming. A tip for tackling this is, “take short notes when studying.” Focus on writing down only relevant information that will enable you to recollect a larger concept. Short notes are relevant and useful for revisions.

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5. Take Mock Exams & Practice Tests on uLesson

Mock exams and practice tests give you an idea of how the WASSCE questions are set and also help you prepare effectively  You’ll learn how to manage your time effectively and identify your areas of strength and weakness. Take a uLesson mock exam to see how prepared you are for the forthcoming WAEC examinations.

Set a time to practice past WAEC exam questions. This would help you become familiar with how the exam questions are set also and prepare you ahead of time. With over 8 years of past WAEC questions and detailed solutions available on the app, you can easily prepare for your WAEC exam. 

6. Ask for help

Smart learners continually ask questions when they feel stuck when learning. Speak to other learners or expert tutors about the topics you are struggling with to get clarity and understanding. The uLesson Learning App allows students to ask and receive fast responses to questions they have in different subjects.

7. Take Some Rest

Rest is an essential element of the learning process. Adequate rest would help you avoid burnout and fatigue after long hours of studying.

These tips are needed to help you effectively prepare for WAEC/WASSCE. Now, begin to apply these tips and you will be well on your way to being adequately prepared for your WAEC exams/WASSCE.

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