Why Do You Need to Make the Most of Your Holiday?

A miniature yellow bus on the sand

Why Do You Need to Make the Most of Your Holiday?

A miniature yellow bus on the sand



A holiday break makes a perfect time to unwind, right? As the old proverb says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” and that’s true. However, there’s also a new addition: All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

Finding the right balance between unwinding and continuing to learn can make your holiday break both enjoyable and enriching. What’s more? Maximising your holiday helps you maintain academic momentum, prevent learning loss, and foster personal growth and development.

The wise words of an Indian philosopher and orator, Jiddu Krishnamurti, remind us that education is a lifelong journey, not confined to classrooms or textbooks.

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

What does that mean for you? The fact that a term is over and you’re out of the classroom doesn’t mean learning is over.

Since education never ends and we still need to unwind, let’s explore how to strike a balance between the two during the holidays.

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Holiday

Read for Pleasure

Krishnamurti’s insight teaches us that learning is a never-ending adventure. So pick up books that interest you. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or comics, reading can expand your knowledge and improve your vocabulary.

A lady reading a book
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Explore Nature

Take advantage of the holiday break to spend time outdoors. Consider a hike, a nature walk, or simply enjoying the fresh air with family and friends. Nature can inspire you and improve your overall health.

Get Creative

Engage in creative projects like painting, crafting, or writing stories. Let your imagination run wild and explore new ways to express yourself. Who knows? You just might find a hidden talent you never knew existed.

Try Something New

Use the holidays to learn a new skill or hobby. Whether it’s playing a musical instrument, cooking, coding, or sewing, challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

Prepare for Next Term

How do you maximise your holiday without learning ahead of the term? Consider Kamji’s approach. His secret ingredient to 9As in WAEC and passing other exams was watching video lessons on the uLesson app ahead of the term.

The uLesson app
The uLesson app

You’d agree that watching an episode of your favourite TV show for the third time won’t keep you on the edge of your seat like someone watching it for the first time.

That’s exactly how it is when you prepare ahead of time with the uLesson app. You’d have been able to cover ground before the term even started. This is what Kamji did, and you should do the same too.


Dedicate some time to giving back to your community. You can try helping out at a local charity or participating in a clean-up project. Volunteering teaches you empathy and social responsibility, which make you a better person.

Stay Active

Don’t forget to stay physically active during the holidays. There are lots of activities you can engage in to stay active, e.g., swimming, running, or playing sports. All forms of exercise are essential for your overall well-being.

Reflect and Set Goals

You should also take some time to reflect on your achievements and set goals for the future. How did you do last term? How can you do better next term? What strategy worked for you that you need to rinse and repeat for next term?

Use this opportunity to plan ahead and set yourself up for success when you return to school.

A young boy writing in a book
Photo by Antoni Shkraba

As you enjoy your holiday break, remember that learning doesn’t stop when the school bell rings. Embrace every opportunity to explore, discover, and grow.

By finding a balance between relaxation and your academics, you’ll make the most of your holiday break and set yourself up for a successful return to school.

Don’t forget to keep learning on the uLesson app throughout this period. To get started, download it here or use the web version instead. Cheers!


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