DevKids is now uLesson Coding School

DevKids is now uLesson Coding School



DevKids is now uLesson Coding School 

We relate to products, goods, and services differently. How we perceive Coca-cola differs from that of Pepsi. This is a result of branding. 

Brands like people have personalities. A company looks and speaks to its target audience in a particular way to make its brand relatable and memorable in the minds of people.

And just like people, brands change. Companies reinvent themselves for a myriad of reasons; targeting new customers, repositioning, a merger or a change in leadership, accessibility. 

The latter being DevKids’ reason. 

DevKids is now uLesson Coding School.

uLesson Coding School

With this rebrand, our goal was quite simple: give more kids more access to quality learning resources beyond coding. A strong believer in holistic learning and development, we thought to create a system that guarantees our learners access to all uLesson’s things uLesson. 

With one registered uLesson account, a uLesson Coding School learner can gain access to the uLesson App and vice versa. This move ensures that a child learning to code with uLesson Coding School can enjoy access to;

Pre-recorded Video Library

A library of easy-to-understand, visually aided lessons that ensure learners not only learn but have fun while learning.

Homework Help

An instant, round-the-clock, one-on-one help from expert teachers providing learners solutions to difficult homework questions.

Live Classes

An immersive and in-depth learning experience of topics that affords learners the room to learn at their convenience, interact with tutors and other learners.

Mock Exams

Periodic mock exams with a detailed analysis of performance help learners test their readiness for school or external exams.

Multiplayer Quiz

Learners put their knowledge to the test by challenging other players around the world to play quizzes on any subject and increase their rank on the global or local leaderboard.

Parent Report

Parents receive a detailed weekly report of their child’s learning activities via SMS & WhatsApp.

And much more!

A learner on the uLesson app would also be able to login into uLesson Coding School to register for a coding class.

We also felt it a great opportunity to unify our products under the uLesson brand. This means our learners, parents, schools, partners, will be able to easily identify a uLesson product and the quality that can be assured of it. Hence, the name change from DevKids to uLesson Coding School. A rebranding that helps our customers easily recognize our products? Yes, we’ll take it.

The children remain the core focus in all we do and with every move we make. Register your child now.

Welcome to a new dispensation.


    • Hi Akhere,

      We’re glad to hear this. However, we are not a school, we are a learning app that helps learners perform better at school.

      For assistance on how to get your son to learn on the app, please call +2347000 222 333. We look forward to your son getting better grades!

  1. […] “uLesson Coding School is always on the lookout for opportunities to give back to society, and this collaboration presents such in a unique way. We are glad to work with SystemSpecs on this project to contribute to the birth of the next generation of young tech titans that would create enduring, mind-blowing technology solutions,” Jenny said. […]

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