How to beat exam anxiety and pass exams.

How to beat exam anxiety

How to beat exam anxiety and pass exams.

How to beat exam anxiety



How to beat exam anxiety and pass exams. 

The thoughts alone, that exams are around the corner, can bring on sudden anxiety. This anxiety majorly brought on by the pressure to pass in flying colours, could serve as a hindrance to the very outcome we want to achieve. 

So, how do students ensure they beat anxiety and ultimately pass their exams? We spoke to some students on how they were able to beat anxiety and pass their exams, below are the top responses curated by our experts. 

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Plan your day

A well-planned day is the start of successful moments in your life.  You want to have a daily plan that is easy to achieve and helps you be productive in the short and long run. While doing that, always have a schedule with reading and studying incorporated into your daily plan. 

Find Your Moments

The best bet to studying isn’t other people’s pattern but yours. If you want to beat exam anxiety and pass exams, you want to find a rhythm that works for you without stress. Say you are a morning person, you will best fit your study time during the day than at night. Likewise, if you prefer to study at night. 

Discipline yourself to follow the plan.

It is not enough to design an amazing plan. What would be better is that you follow the plan and avoid procrastination; Procrastination kills!  It may seem difficult at first, but after a while, things begin to seem easier and better. Try to ensure you follow the designed plan.

Focus more on summary notes than the entire work.

There would be no need in trying to cover an entire term’s syllabus word after word, especially when you have a short period to study. Your summary cards will come in handy. At this time, your memory should picture moments during the lesson when the lecturer or teacher made key points and remarks. This would position your attention to where to focus more and where to skim through. Get a Note-taking Worksheet.

Take mock exams from learning platforms like uLesson App.

Mock examinations and tests on the uLesson App help you know how ready you are. More so, you get a detailed analysis of your performance which helps you evaluate what areas you need to put more focus on. Register for a mock exam now.

Take enough sleep/rest.

Sleep, rest.

Studying successfully necessitates a good night’s sleep. Your brain uses the time you are sleeping to take care of itself. The rest of your body, too, requires sleep.

Your body keeps working while you sleep by using that time to restore itself. Sleep allows you to think more clearly and maintain a more positive attitude during the day. This makes it easier for you to deal with a hectic day and eventually help you beat exam anxiety and pass exams.

Eat well.

Do not fill yourself with food that would not promote your mental and body well-being.  A  healthy meal will go a long way in ensuring that you stay active during the day. You do not want to be hungry on the day of your examination. Feed well and be sure to eliminate the thoughts of food while writing. 

Prepare your writing materials the day before.

A night to every examination, make sure all your writing materials are well placed in your case/backpack and ready to go. Failure to prepare a day before would have you hurriedly preparing on the day and could raise your anxiety level. To beat exam anxiety and pass exams, do well to prepare ahead.

Always Have an Answer to any Question.

A blank space is an empty score and an opportunity missed. One thing you must know is that no question is beyond your imagination or scope. When poised with questions whose answers you do not have readily available, you may skip them for want of time, but at the end, if you still can not recall the answer, make a calculated guess and fill in the space with your own interpretation of the question or answer. 

Finally, you can be proud of yourself because you put in the effort. Wishing you the best of luck in your exams… Love Learning


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