We are Hiring Young Talents

uLesson Graduate Trainee

We are Hiring Young Talents

uLesson Graduate Trainee



About the Entry-level Trainee Program

Are you a graduate? Are you smart, driven, and committed? Do you have what it takes to join the team at the uLesson Group? If this is you, apply and fast-track your career development with the uLesson Graduate Trainee Program and get on the minute; real-time industry experience from real experts. Learn relevant and applicable skills today to place you ahead of the market.

Why You Should Apply

  • 3 Months of intensive specialized training at the uLesson Academy.
  • Gain practical work experience and develop essential skillsets.
  • Receive a monthly stipend of ₦100,000 during training.
  • Excel at the uLesson Academy for a well-paid full-time position at uLesson.


  • Minimum of second-class upper in any degree.
  • Completed NYSC.
  • A CV submission and a Cover Letter detailing ‘Why uLesson?’

Application Process & Stages

1. Submit an Application: Click on the “Apply now” button to begin your journey.

2. Online Aptitude Test: Take our online aptitude test.

3. Initial Interviews: If you excel in the test, you’ll be invited for initial interviews. This includes a conversation with a representative from our people team and an interview with an Executive Member at uLesson.

4. Offer Notification: After interviews, offers will be extended to successful candidates.

Upon Selection: For all accepted candidates, a transformative three-month experience awaits in Abuja. This immersive phase involves:

  • An intensive and dynamic learning experience that enhances your skills and understanding at the uLesson Academy.
  • Immerse yourself in various organizational departments at uLesson during this period, gaining insights into the diverse facets of our operations.

We look forward to welcoming successful applicants into this enriching journey of growth and exploration.

Application Closing Date

August 31, 2023

Click on the “Apply now” button to begin your journey.


    • Hi, Ma’am.

      Thanks for reaching out.
      We can help you get started. Kindly call us on +234 7000 222 333

      You can follow the steps below to get started, yourself:
      Click and download the uLesson App
      Launch the uLesson App
      Click on the button at the top left-hand corner of the home page.
      Click on subscribe Now.
      Click on continue.
      Choose a subscription plan
      You can pay with the following:
      Flutterwave with your card or USSD
      Via Bank transfer
      Pay with a card or call a learning advisor at +234 7000 222 333

  1. Good morning sir/ma
    Please is the training also done virtually considering my location because am interested in the training but am base in Enugu.
    Or if I can get where to stay in Abuja, can I know the location of the training venue. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Hello ma, please is uLesson going to take care of the successful applicants feeding and accomodation for the 3 months of training?

  3. Hi Doris, I graduated May this year (2023), haven’t served yet. But a tech savvy…

    I’m I unqualified to apply?

  4. Good day please, while filling the form i observed that for nysc, the question asked was that “have you finished nysc NOT EARLIER than feb. 2023 “. is it not meant to be EARLIER than feb. 2023?

  5. Thank you for these opportunity and also taking time to respond to the comment..
    Pls I just to know how soon the three months internship will start, not the exact day like when should we be expecting so as to help know how to set our schedule

  6. Greetings, I’m a graduate of geology and I just finished my NYSC program, I’m quite acquainted with modern digital processes like MS office and google workspace. I have a few tech related skills (web designing and search engine optimization (SEO) )and though I studied geology I intend to pursue a full time career in tech cos that’s my passion.

    The only challenge I have which is hindering me from forging ahead with my application is that I have a second class lower (2:2). If I could be given the benefit of doubt,I promise, I can deliver.


  7. Which one is onsite, where is the location in Abuja.
    Pls can u explain when u say onsite ad as well tell us d location in Abuja…

  8. Good day ma!
    Having successfully submitted the application. How do one proceed to take the online Aptitude test?
    I await your response ma.
    Thank you.

  9. Hello,

    Someone claims to have taken the online test upon submission of the application while there’s no link for that on the webpage, obviously.

    I’d like to confirm and be guided on how to access the test if is the case.

  10. My question are;
    -After the three months program is there a guarantee of getting a job at ULesson?
    -I applied and my location isn’t Abuja but very close to Abuja, I hope that doesn’t disqualifies me?
    Because if granted the offer, I will be relocating to Abuja and my accommodation and feeding will definitely be on me.

  11. Good day, ma.
    I applied and couldn’t ascertain if my application was successful or not.
    Please, am I supposed to receive an automated response email from your end to prove you successfully received my application?

  12. Hello.
    For the successful students for interview who base outside Abuja, will there be allowance for transportation/accomodation to come to abuja for the interview?

      • Thanks.
        I have gotten an email invite for the test..
        But I’m unable to access the assessment, it just keep loading for hours with nothing displaying… I have used different device to access but nothing is displaying.
        Please help, I have reached out to test gorilla but no feedback yet.

  13. Hi, I allowed access for my camera and mic but the test site said my camera was blocked. I have a screenshot showing my mic and camera was allowed access. I took the test already. What can I do now? Can you provide an email address or phone number where I can forward my complain?

  14. Hi Doris,

    Kindly confirm if successful graduate trainees will be able to work across all departments at Ulesson or just the sales department.

  15. Hello, Will there be rejection mail for those unsuccessful candidates after the test? or how long should they wait before they move on if no response from the H.R team?

  16. Dear Doris, Good day. This is a kind inquiry.

    I was invited for an assessment, and I attended to it within the stipulated period.

    I’m curious to know if the review is on a rolling base, and should one keep hoping to receive a response?

  17. Good day Ma’am, just got introduced to ULesson however, application are closed.

    When is the next possible time I can apply again?

    Thanks and have a great day.

    Esther John-Akoh

  18. Hi Doris. It’s been a month now after the application and assessment but I’m yet to receive a feedback. Does that mean I’m not qualified? Or are you guys still processing the applications?

  19. Hello, Doris.

    I saw this update a bit late, however, I would like to know if this is an annual training because I would like to be involved come 2024. I await your response, thanks.

    • Hello, Jennifer. We’ll make an announcement to let you know if and when there’ll be another graduate trainee programme. Just watch this space and our social media handles @ulessonapp on Instagram, X, Facebook, and TikTok.

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