What You Need to Know When Preparing for UTME Exams & How uLesson Can Help You Win

What you need to know when preparing for UTME

What You Need to Know When Preparing for UTME Exams & How uLesson Can Help You Win

What you need to know when preparing for UTME



How to Prepare for JAMB UTME 2024

Every year, Nigerian students in their final year in senior secondary schools write a series of internal and external exams to prepare for entry into any Nigerian tertiary institution of choice. One of the exams written every year is UTME, popularly called JAMB. 

Is UTME the same thing as JAMB? This is one question often asked. For clarity, JAMB is an acronym for “Joint Admission Matriculation Board” that conducts UTME, an acronym for “Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.”  Hence, JAMB is the body, while UTME is the examination.

In this blog post, we will be sharing noteworthy information you need to know when preparing to take a UTME. This information is vital to getting the score you desire to get into any Nigerian university of your dream. We have summed up questions often asked about UTME exams and this article is basically about answering them and shedding more light on them.

In this article, we will also discover how uLesson, your ultimate study partner, can empower you to ace the exam and unlock your dream university admission.

Things to Know About UTME

1. Who can take UTME?

Any secondary school student in SS3 or anyone with 5 credits in SSCE, including English and Mathematics, can participate. Because passing English and Mathematics are necessities, several students usually rewrite these subjects before writing UTME. Struggling with these core subjects? No sweat! uLesson’s personalized learning helps you master them and conquer SSCE in one sitting.

2. What is the UTME exam format?

UTME is a computer-based examination (CBT). You’ll answer four subjects relevant to your desired course of study. The exam lasts 2 hours, with a calculator provided for subjects requiring calculations.

3. What subjects are written in UTME?

You’ll write four subjects relevant to your chosen course. For example, Science students aiming for Pharmacy: English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Commercial student wanting Accounting: English, Mathematics, Economics, Accounting. Choose your subjects wisely – check JAMB’s official brochure for specific combinations.

4. Is English compulsory in UTME?

Yes, English is mandatory for all UTME candidates. Mastering English unlocks success across all subjects, regardless of your field – science or commercial.

5. What is UTME Cut-off Mark?

A cut-off mark is the minimum score recommended by JAMB for tertiary institutions to use as a pass mark for prospective admission seekers in UTME before being qualified to write post-UTME or undergo screening exercises.  This scoring range varies among Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, and innovative enterprise institutions. Every year, cut-off marks are set before UTME is written.

uLesson’s personalized analysis helps you track progress and target scores exceeding cut-offs for your dream university.

6. What is the pass mark for UTME?

While technically it is 180, this can change based on overall exam performance each year. Aim for significantly higher scores to ensure competitive standing for top universities.

7. How many questions are set in UTME?

JAMB sets a total of 180 questions. Use of English: 60 questions. Other subjects: 40 questions each.

8. How many hours is the UTME exam?

2 hours total, meaning you have 120 minutes for all subjects, regardless of combination. Develop effective time management skills with uLesson’s CBT practice quizzes.

how to answer UTME questions.

9. How do you answer UTME questions?

The best way to go about answering your questions in UTME is to:

  • Fill in all details carefully.
  • Read instructions thoroughly.
  • Start with your strongest subjects.
  • Avoid spending too much time on any single question.
  • Manage your time wisely using the provided timer.

10. Does JAMB repeat questions?

While JAMB sometimes repeats questions, they’re often tweaked annually, making rote memorization ineffective. uLesson’s focus on understanding concepts empowers you to tackle even rephrased questions confidently.

Bonus: How uLesson Can Help You Achieve UTME Success:

  • 10,000+ video lessons taught by expert tutors, covering all UTME subjects in-depth.
  • Personalized learning plans based on your strengths, weaknesses, and goals.
  • Interactive CBT practice quizzes to prepare you for the actual exam format and time pressure.
  • One-on-one support from expert tutors to clarify doubts and answer your questions directly.
  • Motivational community and study groups to keep you engaged and on track.

Ready to crush UTME 2024?

Download the uLesson app today and start your journey to academic victory!


  1. Im.not a science student since my secondary school and now i want to.change course i.want to change to science plss what can i do how.can i.cope

    • Hello, Faith. To write UTME/WAEC/NECO’s science subjects, it’s best that you have an adequate understanding of the subjects beforehand. Please talk to your teacher or school counselor for proper guidance.

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